Dec 21, 2017

Swiss Quality Award - Innovations in Healthcare

2nd prize for quality in outpatient medicine

In a nationwide competition, the SCQM Register impressed the jury with its project called Patient app for data-assisted dialogue between doctor and patient” and was awarded 2nd prize. 21 projects were entered in the competition.


The FMH, the Swiss Medical Association, explained the idea behind the Swiss Quality Award: “Nowhere else is quality more important than in healthcare. That’s why the Swiss Quality Award supports projects which raise standards in healthcare and so help to bring about better medical care, increased patient safety, continuing good health and an improved quality of life. The Swiss Quality Award covers all aspects of quality management.”

The app that was created for the SCQM project enables data-assisted dialogue between doctor and patient. Changes in a patient’s condition such as joint pain or skin complaints and the medication that is taken between visits to the doctor are documented using the app. This allows the illness to be more closely monitored and improves treatment. The app is available free of charge to all patients who are listed on the SCQM Register. Patients report that they find the documentation process simple and useful. Most users would recommend the app to other patients.

Mrs S.L. “For me the app is a good way of documenting how my illness is progressing and getting an overview of it over a period of time. It’s also good to know that the rheumatologist who is treating me is informed about my condition between appointments when I see him so he can adjust my medication on the basis of that information if need be.”

PD Dr. med. A. Ciurea: “The app enables the patient and their doctor to work better together, because the patient can send data about the development of their condition between consultations, or about the medication they are taking.”

iDialog Results of a patient survey carried out in October 2016 among 230 patients (100 completed questionnaires were returned)

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