Quality management

At regular intervals, doctors store study findings on diseases in the SCQM Registry database. This enables long-term observation of the disease activity and quality assurance for treatment. At the same time, patients are asked about the disease activity and about any influences this has on everyday life. Patients on the Rheumatology Registry are invited by their doctors at regular intervals (at least once per year) to attend control examinations and the resultant data is stored in the SCQM Registry.

Feedback Report and Log of the Last Visit
After data has been recorded in the online database, calculated scores are available to both doctors and patients (provided patients also enter their data online): Bsp. Scoreboard

Presentation of the feedback in diagram form creates a manageable overview of the course of the disease in correlation with the treatment. The presentation also makes clear when medication was discontinued because of adverse events (patient safety).
Bsp. Darstellung Feedback

The last visit log contains all the available information in a Word document. The log can be added to if necessary. The log is suitable as a report for the referring doctor or as documentation for filing in the patient's dossier.

The feedback log and last visit log can be retrieved at any time from the online system.