Patient Apps

By using web apps (iDialog and ComPass II), it is a simple matter for patients to document the course of their disease and their medication intake (DMARDs, NSAIDs, steroids) in the intervals between medical check ups. Evaluations show that patients place a high value on this type of documentation.

The COmPASS II app was developed on the initiative and under the direction of the Rheumatology Department of the Basel University Hospital in order to answer scientific and academic questions. The COmPASS II app is supported by Abbvie, although Abbvie has no influence on development of the app. iDialog was developed on the initiative of MSD. Data collected through iDialog also provides a valuable basis for future research projects.

Thus, you and your patients have access to two different products which can be used as alternatives though not simultaneously because of the scientific issues associated with COmPASS II.

Patienten Apps

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