Pinboard SCQM Studies

On this pinboard, we will publish projects that have been granted the use of SCQM data. Accepted studies will be published here for 2 months to allow interested researchers to express their wish to collaborate in the project.

We encourage Swiss rheumatologists to collaborate in the research projects on SCQM data. Should you be interested to hear more about a certain project and potentially want to collaborate in a project, please contact the SCQM scientific manager:

International collaboration projects are listed for information only. In most cases, inclusion of additional collaborators is not possible due to restriction in the number of project participants per country.

2018_11: T Hügle (CHUV) and others: Effectiveness of TNF-inhibitors versus conventional synthetic DMARDs (csDMARDs) in treating enthesitis in PsA and axSpA. Accepted 23.11.2018

2018_16: B Möller (Inselspital Bern) and others: Comparative efficacy of TNF-inhibitors versus other mode of action biological DMARDs in PsA - an observational study, accepted 5.11.2018.

2018_10: M. Nissen (HUG, Geneva) and others: Use and impact of co-medication with csDMARD and biologics in AS and PsA across Europe (EuroSpA), accepted 15.11.2018

2018_09: D. Dan (CHUV, Lausanne) and others: Bone health of Swiss patients with psoriatic arthritis, accepted 2.11.2018

2018_08: C Gabay, M Jarlborg (HUG, Geneva) and others: Investigation on the role of calprotectin as a biomarker in inflammaroty rheumatic diseases, accepted 2.11.28

2018_07: C Gabay, N Vuilleumier (HUG, Geneva) and others: Translating humoral autoimmunity against apolipoprotein A-1 from an emerging CV risk factor to a cardiovascular risk stratification tool in rheumatic diseases, accepted 2.11.2018

2018_06: A Ciurea (USZ, Zurich) and others: Evaluation of CD74 as a biomarker in early axSpA in the SCQM cohort, accepted 28.09.2018