Pinboard SCQM Studies

On this pinboard, we will publish projects that have been granted the use of SCQM data. Accepted studies will be published here for 2 months to allow interested researchers to express their wish to collaborate in the project.

We encourage Swiss rheumatologists to collaborate in the research projects on SCQM data. Should you be interested to hear more about a certain project and potentially want to collaborate in a project, please contact the SCQM scientific manager:

International collaboration projects are listed for information only. In most cases, inclusion of additional collaborators is not possible due to restriction in the number of project participants per country.

*Correlation between bone mineral density and disease duration in patients with rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Study lead: Rüdiger Müller (KSA, Aarau), SCQM Nr. 18_13, accepted 28.08.2019

*Characterising comorbidity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Europe: a multi-national federated analysis of big healthcare data: Study lead: Delphine Courvoisier (HUG, Geneva), SCQM Nr. 2019_14, accepted 30.07.2019

*Gender differences in Biologicals and targeted synthetic Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs in Spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis: Study lead: Adrian Ciurea (USZ, Zurich), SCQM Nr. 2019_10, accepted 30.07.2019

*Quantifying the effects of lifestyle factors in relation to outcome from bDMARD therapy amongst patients with axSpA and PsA: Study lead: Adrian Ciurea (USZ, Zurich), SCQM Nr. 2019_09, accepted 30.07.2019

*Real World effectiveness of baricitinib in the Swiss RA registry: Study lead: Axel Finckh (HUG, Geneva), SCQM Nr. 2019_12, accepted 30.07.2019

*Multimodal-based disease activity indices and risk of progression in rheumatoid arthritis: Study lead: Peter Mandl (Medizinische Universität Wien) & G. Tamborrini-Schütz (USB, Basel), SCQM Nr. 19_04, accepted 20.07.2019

*European collaborative analysis of real-world effectiveness of JAKinhibs versus anti-TNF agents and other bDMARDs (Jak-pot): Study lead: Axel Finckh (HUG, Geneva), SCQM Nr. 2019_11, accepted 25.06.2019