Research with SCQM data

Data Request Form

If you want to request the use of SCQM data for scientific purposes, please read the rules for research and collaboration, complete this Request form and send it to the SCQM scientific manager:

Rules for Research and Collaboration

Our Rules for Research and Collaboration list the conditions governing the release of data for research projects. A particular requirement is approval of research projects by the Council of the SCQM Foundation and the responsible Ethics Committee.

SCQM Research Database

This section encompasses some useful information on the SCQM research database, such as documentation on the database fields.

If you have recently received the approval of the SCQM board for your research project, the scientific manager will, upon completion of the permission of access to data form, send you a SCQM data dump. This form will be provided to you by the SCQM manager upon approval of your research project.

Working with the raw SCQM data set takes some initial investment. You have to familiarize yourself with the data tables, and how they can be linked. The following image illustrates these points. The arrow between two tables is denoted with how the tables can be linked. For example t1.fieldname = t2.fieldname means that in table1 and table2, there is a field called fieldname, that links the entries that belong together. The letter before the point is usually the first letter of the tablename indicated in the image.


Information about generation of scqm_medication table:

Once you get going with the tables, you will want to know what questions lie behind certain column names, and what the answer options were. This information can be found on the documentation website.

Should you not wish to work with the raw data set, you can ask the SCQM scientific manager to prepare the dataset you need for your analysis for you. Upon request, the SCQM scientific manager will also support you in your statistical analysis. The first 10 hours of support for any approved research project are free of charge. More information on approval of research projects can be found here. Tarifs are available upon request.